Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monsoon Season

There isn't much of an opportunity to play outdoors during the month of July in the Phoenix area, unless of course you are in a swimming pool! We have been very creative with our indoor activities this month, but Eli definitely has cabin fever and enjoys getting out when he can. Fortunately, July brings the monsoon so we do get the chance to play out in the rain now and then.

This summer was the first time that Eli really grasped the term "rain." As he stood out under the water he looked at me in a surprised way and said, "I git wet!" He told me he was taking a "showa." When the rain stopped he looked at me and said, "Again! Again!" Ha Ha!

He didn't mind being soaked, and decided it was a great time to mow the lawn. More power to you Eli... I hope you're just as excited to mow the lawn when you're a teenager :)

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