Sunday, June 1, 2008

Leaving Comments

Today at church my friend Brandee was asking me about how to leave comments on this blog if you don't have a Google ID account. I have had other people ask me that before too, so thought I would include a post about this. Basically, you just click on the "Comments" link under the post you want to comment about. Then you can either sign-up for a Google ID and use that from now on (it's free), or you can click where it says "name/url." If you click there, you can type in your name, but the "url" part is optional so you don't have to type anything on that part. You can also choose to leave a comment as "anonymous" and just sign your name to it within the text of your comment, since otherwise your name won't appear. It's up to you but feel free to try any of these options. We love hearing from you so try it out!

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