Monday, June 30, 2008

Famous Quotes

Eli is at the age where he loves to talk and will pretty much try to say anything he hears even if he can't quite get the words out correctly. We are amazed at how his vocabulary grows daily and how he will pick up on the smallest things we say (or how we say things) and we'll find him repeating (or mimicking!) us when we're least expecting it. We are enjoying all of the laughter this brings!! Here are some of the current famous quotes from Eli:

  • "I fawted. (giggle). I fawted gin! (more giggles)"
    • Translation: "I Farted. I farted again."
  • "I wan peas an mik!"
    • Translation: "I want rice krispies and milk."
  • "Awdee"
    • Translation: "Eli." (We aren't quite sure why he calls himself this, but he consistently refers to himself as "awdee." HA!)
  • "He-woh Gamma. What? What?? Kank you. Bye."
    • Translation: "Hello? What?? What?? Thank You. Bye." (This is Eli's typical phone conversation when playing with his toy phones. Add the "what?" is a new thing and it cracks me up every time! He calls "gamma" most often, but sometimes other family members or friends' names get "called.")
  • When Eli prays he thanks God for: "Mommy, Daddy, Awdee, Bonnie, Casey, Ben, Nana, Papa, Emmie, Emma, Elliott, Baby Gace, Petey, Howie, fwends, seep, amen."
    • Translation: In other words he lists family members, himself, kids from his childcare, our dog, my parent's dog, our "friends" and asks God to give him a "good night sleep."
  • "I wan wead stowie!"
    • Translation: "I want to read a story!"
The list could go on and on, but we'll stop there. I am sure there will be many future blog posts relating the funny things that come out of Eli's mouth since this stage of his toddler-hood is just beginning to take off!


  1. That is so cute!!! This makes me excited for when Aaron can talk =) Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Bethany!

    Aww ... sometimes, I think we should all listen more to the lil' ones. They have a delightful ability to weed out all the less significant stuff from communication and say only the most important!!! :) Thanks for sharing. And yes, the beach is a lovely way to pass time! :)


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