Sunday, June 1, 2008

Big Boy Bed

I can't believe it but my little boy has 'graduated' from his crib and moved into his brand new big boy bed! We found a good deal on Craig's List and got a nice captains-style bed. We decided not to mess with getting a toddler bed and then having to replace it again in a couple years, so we went ahead and put him a twin bed. Since Eli is obsessed with animals right now, we of course had to buy some animal bedding. He absolutely LOVES his new bed. I had heard horror stories of some kids not handling switching beds, so I was worried, but he adores it. He slept in his new bed last night and was even excited to take a nap in his new "anima bet" this afternoon. He is a pretty crazy sleeper so we have a safety rail on it for now, hopefully it will hold up okay. I just can't believe how big he's getting!! Enjoy the video/picture mix... you'll want to turn up your volume for the video clip at the beginning :)

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  1. Bethany! This is so cute. Eli looks so happy on his new bed. His language sounds a lot like Lydia's right now. "Dare's a hippo" She just started saying phrases like that too. This blog is so fun to check out. Thanks for the update. Love,


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