Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Organized or Anal?

A few posts back I mentioned that I am an "ESTJ" personality-type. The "J" is the letter that signifies my endless need to be detailed and organized. I have been described by friends and co-workers as anal! Back in high school I used to re-write math assignments multiple times if my handwriting wasn't neat or if I had erased too many times on the page. In the past few years, well mainly since getting married to someone who is "opposite" of me in this area, I have really had to let go of some of my anal-retentive habits so that I didn't drive both of us crazy. This has been even more true since Eli was born 2 years ago, because everyone knows that once a child is in your house you just don't have time to worry about the million details of every little thing anymore (especially regarding the cleanliness and orderliness of your house!). So needless to say, my house is not spotless and definitely has that "lived in" quality to it. I no longer have to have every little thing cleaned up before going to bed at night. But, if things get let go for too long than that spark breaks loose inside of me and I will suddenly go on cleaning/organizing sprees around my house.

The picture of my pantry below is the result of one of these sprees... my pantry was driving me crazy, so I went out and bought dish bins for $1 at Wal Mart and then sorted and organized everything accordingly. I of course had to finish it off with cute labels printed-on-yellow-outlined-with-pink cardstock. Yes, my husband had to let out a few chuckles when he saw what I spent my evening doing, but he understands this "need" of mine to bring a sense of order to everything :) In the end my pantry bins gave me a very satisfied feeling and I am finding joy in looking at them every day! Hee Hee! (It's all about life's little joys, right??)

I think I am in spring cleaning mode because I am coming up with numerous ideas for other organization projects that I need to tackle. One of those includes "organizing" the storage tubs around the house. You're probably thinking, "Who organizes storage tubs??" Well.... me!! Oh, but if you are also a "J" personality, then this probably makes complete sense and you have either recently organized your storage tubs or are now inspired to do so! :)

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