Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Walgreens: "The Pharmacy America Trusts"

So I had a not-so-great experience at the Walgreens pharmacy the other night, and thought I would share what happened. First of all, the pharmacy was the busiest I have ever seen it. I guess everyone is sick right now. I needed to get a prescription filled for an antibiotic for Eli (who by the way is on his 3rd round of antibiotics in two months - pray for Eli, he continues to get this recurring rash infection and we don't know why). So, I spent 30 minutes going through the drive-thru line just to drop off the prescription. I was told it would be an hour before it would be ready. So, I got something to eat and went back an hour later. This time I went inside the store to pick up the medicine. When I got inside I waited in a 15 min. line just to see if it was ready, but it wasn't. So I sat and waited and about 20 min. later my name was called. So I then I had to again wait in the 15 min. line to pay for the prescription. I finally paid and got out to my car to head home. For some reason (thankfully), I decided to pull out the antibiotic and look at it. When I pulled it out I noticed that it wasn't pink like the last two times Eli had been on it. Instead, this was white. I then realized that I had been given a bottle of pure white powder - they hadn't actually mixed the medicine!! Is that a little scary to anyone else out there? Thankfully I knew that the medicine was supposed to be a pink liquid, but can you imagine if some naive person went home and gave that powder to their child? So after realizing this I again waited 15 min. in the drive-thru line and explained I had just been given a bottle of powder. The girl looked really embarrassed and she apologized and explained they had someone from the "floor" helping them run the registers in the pharmacy since they were so busy and she didn't know it needed to be mixed. I'm thinking, "that's nice that you tried to help out with the line, but isn't it slightly important that people working in a pharmacy know what they are doing?!?" Anyhow, I will definitely be checking my prescriptions more closely in the future and may not be going back to Walgreens to have them filled again. I emailed the Walgreeens customer service department, so we'll see how they respond. In my opinion, that was a pretty big OOPS!


  1. I'm so sorry, Bethany. I hope sweet Eli is better soon.

    Just a few weeks ago, a doctor asked me how much an expensive prescription she had prescribed to me cost after my insurance paid their portion. When I told her, she then asked where I got the prescription, if I didn't mind sharing it with her. When I told her it was Walgreens, she said they are known for charging much more for pharmacy medications than other pharmacies do. I wish I had known this before. I thought I'd pass this on since we're on this topic and your experience with them wasn't so great. Hang in there. Blessings to you! Heather - Sorry it is under Anonymous...I'm not up on this Google/Blogger identity stuff yet :)...I need to educate myself on all this :).

  2. That is definitely scary. I go to Walmart for my prescriptions. It is a lot cheaper but I always have to wait in line forever. Tyler had a Fifths disease a couple months ago. He got a horrible rash all over his face and torso. It's a virus and the only symptom he had was the rash. Is that similar to what Eli has? I will definitely keep him in my prayers!


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