Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Tonight we are dropping Eli off at Grandma and Grandpa Thompson's House for 3 days while we head off to Six Flags Magic Mountain with our youth group. Although I'm not looking forward to getting up by 3am tomorrow morning, we are looking forward to a great time hanging out with our students. Last year my favorite rollercoaster was "Tatsu," which was new in 2006. You are in a flying position as you ride, facing parallel to the ground. Below is some video footage I found... experience Tatsu for yourself by watching it (well, sort of). They are also supposed to have a new version of "X" which was most of our students' favorite coaster last year, so hopefully that will be open when we go.

Tatsu rollercoaster

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  1. Have fun you guys!!! Hope you have some great ministry as you sacrifice precious time and sleep with your family =) Thx also Bethany for the advice on the sippy cups = I'll keep all my "extras" around for a while =)


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