Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Hair-Do

Today I went to see Sharon, who has been doing my hair for years, and told her I was ready for a change! She is used to changing the color of my hair as I'm always wanting to try something new, but I also wanted to cut it short... the most interesting part though, it that I had her cut bangs. I don't think I have had bangs since maybe junior high? Anyway, like I said, I was ready for a change. I don't really stress out about cutting my hair or anything, so it was fun! Here's a picture of the new look, which doesn't really give credit to the new color, but oh well. I also included a picture of Eli since his head was recently shaved by daddy and he wanted to be part of the "new hair-do" blog post as well.

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  1. I like it Bethany! And it is sad that I've known you long enough to remember you with your old bangs? =) Ha ha! Really, though, you look great!


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