Monday, March 10, 2008

Hawk Nelson

Last night we took our youth group to see the Hawk Nelson concert in Phoenix. The kids all had a great time and Eli loves every chance he can get to tag along with the teenagers. He was rockin' out to the music right along with the best of 'em :) Our next big youth event is the spring break Magic Mountain trip coming up in two weeks. Eli will be staying with grandma for that one though... not quite ready for the roller coasters yet!

Side story---before the concert, everyone met at the Chevron to carpool and Micah left his backpack (with his laptop inside) sitting out on the tables on the patio of Chevron. He didn't realize it until coming home from the concert when he couldn't find it. Today he went back to the Chevron and fortunately some kind person found it outside and turned it in, laptop still inside. Can you believe it?? Too bad we don't know who to thank for that, but we are very grateful!

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  1. I'm so glad about your laptop! Close one! Hope Eli is getting rid of that rash too - scary story about Walgreens!!!!! =(


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