Sunday, March 30, 2008


Tonight I found some old binders that Micah and I used during our pre-marital counseling/class over five years ago. Inside, I found our "personality profiles" that we were given after taking the extensive Meyers-Briggs personality test. When we met with our counselor to go over the results, she informed us that we were exact opposites!

The personality test rates you in four categories and then gives you a 4-letter combination that indicates your personality. The categories are: Extroversion (E) vs. Introversion (I), Sensing (S) vs. Intuition (N), Thinking (T) vs. Feeling (F), Judging (J) vs. Perceiving (P). You can read about what these mean by clicking here. The results showed that I was an "ESTJ" and Micah was an "INFP." We were opposites on every single letter. Our counselor laughed and mentioned that usually most people have at least ONE in common. She also nicely informed us that this would probably cause some conflict in our marriage! How nice, right? Well, over the past five years we have definitely seen these personality differences shine through in almost everything we do, every single day. I will say though, that it has become much easier to work together and appreciate one another's differences. Although the striking differences can be a weakness for us at times, it's also one of our greatest strengths because we make such a great team!

I think it's amazing how accurately personality tests can depict people... our profiles (which you can get to by clicking on our labels above), are certainly true! When we were taking the test, Micah commented about how he doesn't like personality tests. Then when we got the results one of the descriptors of an "INFP" was that they don't like personality tests - HA! I just had to laugh :) Another funny thing is that we are both in careers that are considered to be good career choices for our respective personalities. I love my job and can see how it's a great fit for me (stated very matter-of-factly by yours truly - the ESTJ)! Micah also loves his job, but constantly questions whether it's what he's "supposed" to be doing or if maybe there is something else out there... but that's exactly what an "INFP" is supposed to do! :)

Has anyone else out there ever taken a test like this? If so what were you? Just curious! I think it will be interesting to see what Eli turns out to be... right now I see a lot of myself in his personality, but he'll probably be a mix (best of both worlds right?).

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Hair-Do

Today I went to see Sharon, who has been doing my hair for years, and told her I was ready for a change! She is used to changing the color of my hair as I'm always wanting to try something new, but I also wanted to cut it short... the most interesting part though, it that I had her cut bangs. I don't think I have had bangs since maybe junior high? Anyway, like I said, I was ready for a change. I don't really stress out about cutting my hair or anything, so it was fun! Here's a picture of the new look, which doesn't really give credit to the new color, but oh well. I also included a picture of Eli since his head was recently shaved by daddy and he wanted to be part of the "new hair-do" blog post as well.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Made it Back

We made it back safely from California. It was a great trip... didn't sleep much, but we expected that. We spent time hanging out at Huntington Beach, Magic Mountain, and the Newport Pier. The students had a great time and it was nice to be able to hang out with them and just have fun together. The video below is one that Micah made with our little camera while riding the "Goliath" roller coaster with a few of the junior high boys. I'm not sure how he managed to hold on to the camera! It cuts off part way through, but they DID survive to the end :) X2 still hasn't reopened for the season, so some of the students were disappointed... but, there's always next year! Tatsu and Goliath were some of the "favorites" this time.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Tonight we are dropping Eli off at Grandma and Grandpa Thompson's House for 3 days while we head off to Six Flags Magic Mountain with our youth group. Although I'm not looking forward to getting up by 3am tomorrow morning, we are looking forward to a great time hanging out with our students. Last year my favorite rollercoaster was "Tatsu," which was new in 2006. You are in a flying position as you ride, facing parallel to the ground. Below is some video footage I found... experience Tatsu for yourself by watching it (well, sort of). They are also supposed to have a new version of "X" which was most of our students' favorite coaster last year, so hopefully that will be open when we go.

Tatsu rollercoaster

Monday, March 17, 2008

Kick Back and Relax!

One of the great things about working in Education is that there are built-in breaks throughout the year: Christmas, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Although the position I am in requires me to work some during the breaks, I do get some extra days off and my schedule is much more relaxed. I love it! Sometimes I need to remind myself to not use break time for working on all of the projects around the house that need done, and instead just spend time RELAXING! Petey and Eli gave me a little reminder of that as they lounged on the grass... great idea boys!

Too Much Stuff

Isn't it funny how much "stuff" all of us collect over time? It's amazing........ at least in our house, and we've only been married for 5 years! Having a child means that you get to collect tons more stuff because of all the baby necessities that you need, and then "stuff" for them to have as they get older. Eli has an entire room pretty much filled with toys! Out in the backyard he has even more fun toys to play with. But, of course in the hours he spent playing out there he chose the following "toys:" twine (from the trees), a piece of rope, and a twig. So much for having "stuff," right??

Backyard Beauty

Spring is a wonderful time to be out in our backyard. Micah did such a wonderful job designing it, and helping install all of the landscape. We have a beautiful walkway made of pavers, and a nice seat wall where we often sit and enjoy the weather. The other day I decided to snap some pictures of the first flowers that have managed to revive themselves and bloom again after the cold winter weather (well, cold in Phoenix terms that is!). We've even had some beautiful clouds in the sky over the last couple of days. We are loving the chance to spend lots of time outdoors before the heat wave sets in!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Horton Hears a Who

Eli really enjoys watching movies... Mainly, he just likes having them on as a background to whatever else he is doing, but sometimes he will sit down and watch them all the way through. On Friday decided to go as a family to the movies together and see the new "Horton Hears a Who." Micah had taken Eli to see the VeggieTales movie in the theater a couple months ago, and he watched most of it but also enjoyed getting out of his seat and climbing the stairs in the movie theater a few times. Luckily, they were the only two people in that movie theater for that movie, so it didn't really matter. This time however, the only open seats were right in the middle of a row, in the middle of a packed theater! We weren't too sure if this would work out, but decided to risk it. Eli was enthralled by all of the people in the theater and seemed happy to be sitting amongst everyone. He loved the movie and barely even moved throughout the entire thing - we were amazed. Anyway, I'm sure we won't be going to movies as family all that often, but it's nice to know that Eli is old enough now to where the option is available. He looked very cute sitting in the theater with his popcorn and sippy cup, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share :(

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hawk Nelson

Last night we took our youth group to see the Hawk Nelson concert in Phoenix. The kids all had a great time and Eli loves every chance he can get to tag along with the teenagers. He was rockin' out to the music right along with the best of 'em :) Our next big youth event is the spring break Magic Mountain trip coming up in two weeks. Eli will be staying with grandma for that one though... not quite ready for the roller coasters yet!

Side story---before the concert, everyone met at the Chevron to carpool and Micah left his backpack (with his laptop inside) sitting out on the tables on the patio of Chevron. He didn't realize it until coming home from the concert when he couldn't find it. Today he went back to the Chevron and fortunately some kind person found it outside and turned it in, laptop still inside. Can you believe it?? Too bad we don't know who to thank for that, but we are very grateful!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Walgreens: "The Pharmacy America Trusts"

So I had a not-so-great experience at the Walgreens pharmacy the other night, and thought I would share what happened. First of all, the pharmacy was the busiest I have ever seen it. I guess everyone is sick right now. I needed to get a prescription filled for an antibiotic for Eli (who by the way is on his 3rd round of antibiotics in two months - pray for Eli, he continues to get this recurring rash infection and we don't know why). So, I spent 30 minutes going through the drive-thru line just to drop off the prescription. I was told it would be an hour before it would be ready. So, I got something to eat and went back an hour later. This time I went inside the store to pick up the medicine. When I got inside I waited in a 15 min. line just to see if it was ready, but it wasn't. So I sat and waited and about 20 min. later my name was called. So I then I had to again wait in the 15 min. line to pay for the prescription. I finally paid and got out to my car to head home. For some reason (thankfully), I decided to pull out the antibiotic and look at it. When I pulled it out I noticed that it wasn't pink like the last two times Eli had been on it. Instead, this was white. I then realized that I had been given a bottle of pure white powder - they hadn't actually mixed the medicine!! Is that a little scary to anyone else out there? Thankfully I knew that the medicine was supposed to be a pink liquid, but can you imagine if some naive person went home and gave that powder to their child? So after realizing this I again waited 15 min. in the drive-thru line and explained I had just been given a bottle of powder. The girl looked really embarrassed and she apologized and explained they had someone from the "floor" helping them run the registers in the pharmacy since they were so busy and she didn't know it needed to be mixed. I'm thinking, "that's nice that you tried to help out with the line, but isn't it slightly important that people working in a pharmacy know what they are doing?!?" Anyhow, I will definitely be checking my prescriptions more closely in the future and may not be going back to Walgreens to have them filled again. I emailed the Walgreeens customer service department, so we'll see how they respond. In my opinion, that was a pretty big OOPS!