Sunday, February 24, 2008


Friday night after work we had a family outing to eat dinner at Chili's. Ever since Eli reached the age of about 18 months, we hardly ever take him to "sit down" restaurants. Instead, our family dinners out will be to places with loud environments, where you don't have to wait to be served :) Micah and I save the sit down places for date nights when we can leave Eli with someone else. But, on Friday night we all ventured to Chili's together since we had a gift card from Christmas that we wanted to use. Eli actually did fairly decent, all things considered! Of course he finished his food way before us and demanded to be "down!" from the high chair, but after a short time of whining he decided to be content. This is a picture of the one the exciting games we created to "help" Eli be content... putting one Chili's coaster on each square of the table. Ooooooo... very exciting!

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