Friday, February 29, 2008

Let's go fly a kite...

Eli had his first opportunity to fly kites at his cousin Mackenzie's birthday party. He mainly just wanted to run around carrying the kites by their tails. After all, what fun is it when they are so high up in the air that you can't touch them? His daddy was very patient and helped Eli to fly his kite the way he liked best :)

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Friday night after work we had a family outing to eat dinner at Chili's. Ever since Eli reached the age of about 18 months, we hardly ever take him to "sit down" restaurants. Instead, our family dinners out will be to places with loud environments, where you don't have to wait to be served :) Micah and I save the sit down places for date nights when we can leave Eli with someone else. But, on Friday night we all ventured to Chili's together since we had a gift card from Christmas that we wanted to use. Eli actually did fairly decent, all things considered! Of course he finished his food way before us and demanded to be "down!" from the high chair, but after a short time of whining he decided to be content. This is a picture of the one the exciting games we created to "help" Eli be content... putting one Chili's coaster on each square of the table. Ooooooo... very exciting!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Just Us

Micah took this picture of us one evening as we were getting ready to go to bed. I was kind of irritated that he was taking pictures at that time of night, but I sort of like how it turned out... not that we look our very best, but we just look "real." You can tell we're tired, but at the same time content, and happy. I'm glad we can both lay in each other's arms and smile for a picture at the end of the day. Hopefully we'll have another picture just like this in 50 years... oh, and one for all the years in between :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008



It's hard to believe that you are already two-years-old! You are so grown up already, and are becoming more and more of a "big boy" everyday. It seems like just yesterday when we found out that you were going to be born... I remember the excitement I felt in learning that you would be a little boy, and the love that daddy and I had for you even before you were born. You have brought so much joy to our lives, and each day we thank God for you. We pray that you would enjoy this coming year as a 2-year-old, and live life to the full! I know you will have many adventures ahead of you, and you'll learn to do so many new things this year. Above all, we hope that as you grow you come to know more and more about how much Jesus loves you. We know that He has a great plan for your life!

This year your personality has really blossomed and we are learning more and more about who God has created you to be each day. Here are some of the ways I would describe you today:

*Caring - You love your family (mommy, daddy, Petey, Gamma, Gampa, Nana, Papa....) and you enjoy reciting (or singing) through everyone's name in the family on a daily basis. You also like to give hugs and saw "awwwww," as you give them.

*Animal-Lover - You love to see, and touch, all sorts of animals, especially doggies. Every doggy is your friend, but Petey is your favorite. You are still learning how to always treat animals nicely, but your intentions are always to play :) You enjoy going to the Zoo and seeing animals there, as well as watching them in movies, and reading about them in books. You also love the sounds animals make, and often refer to them by their sound instead of their name.

*Musical - Everyone who knows you, knows you have loved music since you were born. You love to keep a beat on a drum (and have surprised many people with how steady your rhythm is), and you also love to bang out a tune on the piano, or sing a happy tune as you ride in the car.

*Fun - You are so much fun to be around, and love to PLAY! (or "pay" as you call it) You are very busy with all of your toys: cars, trucks, blocks, balls, coloring, play-doh, etc, etc. In fact, we even have an entire room in the house, the play room, dedicated to your love of playing! Although you are hard to keep up with at times, we hope you never lose your energy and excitement!

Two-Year Stats - Height: 34.8in (60th percentile), Weight: 27.5lbs (44th percentile)


Eli turned two years old last Sunday! We had a great time celebrating his 2nd birthday by having family and friends over for a "jungle" party, inspired by Eli's fascination with the characters from the "Jungle Book" movie. Micah and I gave Eli his first tricycle, which he has fun attempting to ride. He hasn't quite figured out how the pedals work yet, but thankfully there is a handle on the back so we can push him around and he is able to "ride" his bike. Thanks to our good friends the Alexanders who own Dreamland Bouncers, Eli was fortunate to have a large blow-up slide in the backyard for all of his little friends to enjoy. We are so thankful for the many people who love Eli and have played a part in his life throughout the past two years.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Decision Made

For the past few weeks I have been tossing around the idea of starting to blog, and for a number of reasons I've made the decision to do it! I decided to title this blog "Thoughts From Still Moments," because part of my purpose for blogging is to find a few more still moments in my life, where I can sit down and spend some time reflecting. My favorite book of the Bible is Psalms, and Psalm 46:10 is one of those verses that I try to constantly remind myself of. Sometimes I am so busy with life, that I forget to just calm down, be quite, and remember that God is God - He has it under control. I like the idea of blogging for the same reason that I enjoy scrapbooking, it is a way of capturing all those little (or even not-so-little) moments of life in a manner that allows me to share my journey with others, while at the same time allowing me to reflect on life in my own heart and be mindful of God's faithfulness to me. I love the words to the Casting Crowns song entitled "Lifesong," and I hope that through this blog my lifesong can "sing" to God, and declare his love and faithfulness to others.

"May the words I say and the things I do, make my lifesong sing, bring a smile to you. Let my lifesong sing to you, Let my lifesong sing to you, I want to sign your name to the end of this day, knowing that my heart was true, Let my lifesong sing to you!"

~Casting Crowns